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NonScentsPro Non Toxic Deodorization Phoenix, AZ

NonScents Pro is committed to delivering superior non toxic deodorization services in Phoenix, AZ, to our customers; resulting in healthier living and working environments. We will accomplish this by providing unrivaled customer service and an intensive focus on fast, non-toxic and safe eradication of unwanted odors and their sources. 


NonScents uses a non-toxic Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)-based method to rapidly achieve safe odor removal at its source. ClO2 is a fast and effective sterilizing agent that can be used to combat odor sources such as bacteria, viruses and molds and has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for the treatment of odor. Unlike other treatments that simply mask odors, NonScents' applications are able to attack and quickly kill the source of the odor and create a safe environment. 

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