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What Is Chlorine Dioxide and How Does It Get Rid of Unpleasant Smells?

Chlorine dioxide is a sterilization and deodorization agent that has been around for many years, utilized in backyard swimming pools and municipality water purification systems. NonScents Pro uses both a liquid and gas chlorine dioxide solution, specially created for odor elimination purposes. Chlorine dioxide, or ClO2, physically changes the chemical make-up of odor-causing elements through oxidation on a molecular level. This chemical reaction by oxidation destroys odor molecules, permanently preventing any return of unwanted scents in the future. It is important for our clients to remember that we do not mask, encapsulate, or cover up odors — we get rid of them altogether!

Is Chlorine Dioxide Safe?

Yes, chlorine dioxide is very safe. After the 4 to 6 hour deodorization process has occurred, ClO2 dissipates into H20 (water) and NaCl (salt), leaving behind a green, environmentally friendly footprint.

How Long Is the Odor Removal Process?

In most circumstances, the deodorization process takes approximately 12 hours. NonScents Pro generally performs services at night because our ClO2 solution is most effective in total darkness. We begin work at night and return the following morning to collect our equipment and perform a walk-through to ensure total client satisfaction.

What Makes NonScents Pro Stand Out From the Competition?

We go straight to the source to get rid of odors. Our solution effectively eliminates odors, leaving behind an odor-free environment with even the most sensitive noses smelling nothing at all.

How Is NonScents Pro Able to Ensure Odor Elimination?

We are able to ensure odor elimination when our clients partner with us and follow our professional guidance. Every odor challenge is approached on a case-by-case basis and can be addressed successfully if the proper steps are carried out.

What Type of Coverage Does NonScents Pro Provide to Its Clients in Case of an Accident?

NonScents Pro is fully insured and bonded for business operation and is happy to provide insurance certificates to any current or prospective client.