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Selling A Home

Removing Odors for Homes on the Market

Every seller expects to get top dollar for their beloved home, but it can be difficult to sell a property that has a seemingly incurable odor. It’s important to present a property that appeals to every sense, smell included, and real estate agents are likely to drop the value of a home with unwanted odors.

For a faster, more streamlined sales process, invest in professional odor removal with a company like NonScents Pro! Our team is here to help remove odors from houses throughout San Diego and Orange County.

Smoke Smell Removal

Smoke odor is a top deterrent to potential buyers, and it is also the most common odor challenge that the NonScents Pro team is called to address. Whether a property smells like smoke from cigarettes, tobacco, hookah, vaping, or cannabis, these odors can cause the pool of potential clients to shrink considerably. During the home buying process, many buyers will not even consider purchasing a home that has a strong smoke smell because of the challenge that lies ahead in ridding that home of the odor.

Fortunately, the smoke odor removal pros at NonScents Pro know exactly how to get rid of smoke smells in the house. In fact, in most situations, our team is able to remove smoke odor from the home overnight!

Unlike many of our odor control competitors, we do not simply mask or encapsulate odors, leaving them temporarily disguised only to return again later. Instead, our solution physically changes the chemical make-up of odor-causing bacteria, destroying each odor molecule and preventing those smells from ever coming back! We know we have done our job right when our clients walk through a formerly stinky property and tell us they smell nothing at all!

Learn more about our smoke smell removal services and contact us to get started!

Pet Odor Removal

We all love our furry friends, but not everyone loves the smell that pets can leave behind. Fortunately, NonScents Pro’s deodorization treatment is a pet odor neutralizer and allergen remover in one! Our solution’s natural disinfectant properties can get rid of cat urine smells, lingering poop odors, and more, while improving your indoor air quality at the same time!

We work closely with each client to address pet odor issues and also make recommendations on how to properly ready a property for treatment.

Find out more about chlorine dioxide and how it works to get rid of pet odors!

More Odor Control Solutions

Homeowners may have other odor-causing issues including:

  • Food and spice odors
  • Musty, moldy, or mildewy smells
  • And more!

No matter what you’re dealing with, you should know that odor does not need to be a permanent feature of your home! Every house is unique and should be assessed before giving up on trying to get rid of bad smells. We’re confident that we have the odor removal solutions you’ve been looking for!

If you’re looking for professional odor removal in San Diego, contact the NonScents Pro team for an evaluation today!

The NonScents Pro Service Pricing Model

Unit Size Cost
<1,000 sf. $500.00
1,001 – 2,000 sf. $650.00
2,001 – 3,000 sf. $850.00
3,001 – 4,000 sf. $1,050.00
4,001 – 5,000 sf. $1,350.00
5,000 sf. Call Us For An Inspection.

Every standard odor treatment includes:

  • Source odor inspection
  • Overnight ClOgassing of entire property including HVAC & ductwork

Neglected properties determined to be in need of special services such as janitorial, duct cleaning and wall washing will be quoted individually.  Special service pricing is in addition to standard Odor Removal Service Pricing.

Please note: Janitorial services quoted by NonScents Pro are intended specifically for cleaning of source odor areas for odor removal purposes.