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NonScents knows chlorine dioxide.  As a trusted odor removal service provider, the NonScents brand is proud to introduce a line of ClO2 odor removal products tailored to help property management control a wide range of odor challenges.

Simple and safe, NonScents products are mixed with water to create liquid chlorine dioxide and gas chlorine dioxide.  In its two forms, chlorine dioxide is effective in mitigating heavy odors such as indoor smoking and also effective in combatting daily odor challenges like outdoor pet areas.

Chlorine dioxide is the most effective and efficient odor removal solution available for today’s health and environmental expectations.

NonScents is proud to we will be offering a ClO2 purchase option along with ongoing training for maintenance teams looking to manage odor challenges such as apartment turns and outdoor pet areas.

The Power Of ClO2

The science behind ClO2 means destroying odor causing bacteria on a molecular level, leaving behind a fresh healthy space. With chlorine dioxide there is no masking, pairing, or encapsulating of odors. ClO2 particle size is 2x smaller than the ozone particle which means it is better at seeking out odors in unreachable places. An environmentally friendly, naturally dissipating solution that breaks down into salt water. Unlike competitor products, ClO2 leaves behind no harsh residues or toxins. Both liquid and gas are safe on hard surfaces and colorfast fabrics. Odor removal process is simple and rapid, complete indoor jobs in hours instead of days and treat outdoor areas in minutes. Faster, safer and more effective than ozone, fogging, hydroxyl, carbon filters, etc.